Sunday, October 14, 2007

Do you know who chat with you now?

Virtual identity is a really complex and important issue for the Internet or cyberself world. Communication is the essential aspect of the Internet, but how do we know the one we communicate with is honesty or deception?This is an interest game, which called “The Turning Game”, and this game call “tell” you whether you are a male or female. For instance, “Here's a sample Q & A from people trying to portray women: "What's your best beauty tip? Nicky says: Mix your own concealer with Oxy10. It's a better colour than the one that comes out of the bottle. Rhonda says: Always blot your lipstick with a piece of tissue." Who was really a woman? Nicky.” (The example here is from the internet.).There is a question, do we really care who we chat with?For me, I do not. The reason we chat on line is not to find out what the reality is, but on the other hand, is what the fantasy is!In the chat room, we can be everyone. The very important reason we are here, is talking to someone we’d like to, we do not necessary to know who we talk with. Is she a really girl? Is he a really doctor? I do not care.
However, this sort of carelessness is based on no hurt, the deception is not acceptable!


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