Sunday, October 14, 2007

a censored generation

Last night saw about ten of us girls all out on the town celebrating our friends 22nd birthday. We all had dinner at a restaurant and then headed into town for a dance. This is typical of a saturday night for many of us today. However, I found myself reflecting a lot that night on the amount of pictures being taken and also the comments made as these pictures were taken. One common phrase was "smile and say facebook".

So what is so profound about the statement "smile and say facebook"? Well it led me to think about the creation of social networking sites and the effect they have had on our social situations and how we behave. Have these sites led to us censoring ourselves even more due to the fact that the potential audience of these photographs can reach the thousands, even hundreds of thousands, well the potential audience is anyone with access to the internet. Therefore, this possibly has huge consequences for the behaviour of many participants of these sites. Acting a certain way and being a lot more aware of the way we look in photos is even more so heightened because of the possibility of it being seen by all your friends and all their friends. A scary thought.


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