Sunday, October 14, 2007


I guess everybody knows about the new Apple ipods that have hit the market recently. I was lucky to have a go with the new ipod touch at an apple's meeting, this version of ipod is due to hit the newzealand market probably in less than a week when the stock arrives. For all the gadget freaks this is a must to have device. Its interface and flipalbum art covers blows you staright away. Its is an iPhone minus the calling features and the GPRS facility.

I was excited to have a go with all the feature it had to offer, few that really caught my attnetion was the pinch which can help you zoom into a picture by smiply distancing your finger on the screen, secondly the notion of walking into starbucks or in any wifi zone you have access to and download music staright of itunes. You donot have to be gutted when you download a song you dont like you can preview the song for 30 seconds before you like to buy it.

Apple has always been on the firing line from microsoft that it does not endorse any 3rd party brands in relation to its ipod line up, the new ipods is going to be a kick in the face for microsoft. Not only do the the new ipods endorse the products of EA games which you can download from itunes, the new ipod touch has teamed up with Youtube, Facebook and Myspace to create unique interface for their ipod touch customers. Facebook and Myspace interfaces are in the making and hopefully it will be out soon, i had a go with the youtube interface and it is pretty cool with fast streaming videos - hope Newzealand govt breaks the jinx over the fast broadband net accesss. The only negative aspect was the absence of bluetooth, well we could contradict it to sharing files illegally which Apple is probably trying to block, but it will be great if we can have that feature in its newline up next year.

Iwill be waiting to buy the Ipod Touch when it hits the market, i do agree it is a bit expensive comparing it with the amount of data you can store on it but it is certainly a gadget freaks manna.


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