Sunday, October 14, 2007

My first time blogging!

This class was actually the first one in which i've ever blogged, and i must say i find blogging a little pointless , yet in some way satisfying. For me , blogging is not a very fulfilling way of expressing ones thoughts. For some reason, i dont find typing on a key pad to convey an idea to others in a forum is a legitimate form of "voicing" ones opinions. I mean, how do you know its even going to get any replies or even be taken seriously. People in the blogging world have the choice AND power to disregard a blog with ease, should this be the case? However an upside to blogging for me is if one was too shy or quiet to voice opinions in a public (face to face) forum , they can do so in the blog. Where someone is bound to react and therefore start a dialogue.


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