Friday, October 12, 2007

One week till endadayz!!

So yeah I really have nothing knowledgable to say this week... Anyway here are a few interesting thoughts I've come by lately...

I found some article on the net about the creater of Limewire being taken to court by the music industry... see here if you care
Anyways, he's basically a little cocky over how the Courts will see him as an advocate for the people and he won't be in any trouble for the sharing files etc. As far as I'm concerned, why would I buy a CD if I'm really only going to like 2 or 3 songs... And its not stealing its 'sharing'. not that I do anyway, Lime Wire etc is just a bit too far past my radar anyhow. Prefer to burn CDs with downloaded music off friends anyway :)

And then in the Herald online theres an article about CSI moving into Second Life.. So an episode of CSI actually shows one of the detetives going into the game to kill off a serial murderers avatar. Acombination of medias but also a intro for CSIs new developments of having actual episodes played out in 2nd Life... STRANGE world we're living in I tell ya...

Another hot topic lately, the All Blacks loss to France, unfortunately, YES THIS DID HAPPEN! So whats it got to do with our class, well... Pre and during the world cup, well up until that horrible day TV3 had exclusive rights over the World Cup coverage (it still does) but yeah Sky and some advertisers were getting a bit huffy over this so SKY started plaing games with the clips and eventually got warned by TV3 to BACK OFF. And then advertisers get huffy because they're losing out on PrimeTime... So TV3 find some loophole to let them show more ads, much to my disagreement. So yeah since the All Blacks have lost and Dougies playing drunken warrior in London, what happens now?? Will the ratings fall or will half of NZ be watching intently hoping that France will lose? Mind you small condolence.. Aussies out too!

Right and lastly to end my pointless ramblings.. Has anyone seen the new Prada phone being sold by Vodafone?? What a beautiful piece of technoloy that one is... Yes I sat stunned for a full 2minutes then realised that wow, it has no special features that are worth getting overly excited about, and really other than looking pretty its not that great... So yeah pretty vs. technologically savy?? Which would you prefer, I know my little old Samsung has lotsa special features and yet I only really use it to txt, and call and maybe the calculator every now and then... So maybe the Parada phone would suit me just fine...

Over and out

Lena x


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