Thursday, October 11, 2007


Alas, for i am also usually very guilty of Alan's aformentioned 'blogstination'. The last 1000 words of the last history essay i did- which should have taken me about half a day to do properly, actually took me almost two because of that damned internet. You know how it goes..... just typing away, then i need to use the net to check a date. then while im on the net i might as well check my e-mail. Ooh whats that link? hey cool video, are there any more? and next thing i know, two hours have gone by and my essay is still far away from completion. curses.
The problem is that the internet is too damned tempting. The fact that you can look up just about any topic means that it can cater to any random train of thought that cascades around the interior of my cranium. This is a good thing. Just not when ive got other things that i need to do. I mean, the way my mind works cannot really be fathomed, but often i have random thoughts of random things, like i'll suddenly realise that i must know all there is to know about say, defensive formations in American football. This WILL take hours to research. Even when im looking up stuff that is important to my uni work, it just takes a couple of links in the wrong direction before im totally off track and lost with little to no hope of returning to the straight and narrow for at least an hour. Curse the person who decided that the PC can have both the internet and MSWord. Curses to all.


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