Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ten reasons why tech haters like me love the internet...

1. Wiki!!!!!
wiki should be added to Bart Simpson's lil' Bastard kit for essay writting. many a fact have i learned, many a plagerized essay have I seen, many a... wiki dance of wiki rain of knowledge and useless facts have I done!! Wikipedia is God. Sure it is blasphemy, sure I am making a false idol...but wikipedia helped god plagerize the earth remember???
2. talking internationally for free
if my grandparents can do it, so can you. save your self hundreds of dollars a year, on phone bills and acutally be able to see the person you are talking to, making faces at, etc (apparently girls strip on cam for you in the states...news to me)
3. Youtube...
I can't help it but I am it's slave!! I must watch mroe flight ofthe conchords, more skins .more oh random link!! boom five hours gone!! music videos, sreies episodes, daft punk girl everything amusing I ever needed to see is there!!!
4. Facebook.
no instruction needed, easy to use, and evenus neo luddites needs some sweet sweet online social networking/community building in our lives. I'd know I wrote an essay about it, and read about it on Wikipedia.
5. Porn
I'm not going to lie, porn online is awsome. mainly because it is always in your face, in your inbox, playing when your mum walks in, oh wait...waht ha ha ha awkward turtle. but on a side note, people can now annonymously buy pornography, saving themselves the embarassment of purchasing smut in from wierdoes that work in sex stores.
6. online comics
funnies delivered straight to your montier every day. need I say more. well I will... is your clock set to tokyo time so you always know when to drift race??? (If you get it I love you)
7. easy access to music
everything is better when it is free, escecially sweet sweet tunage for low low, or rahter non existant prices. I can buy the good tracks from an album, I can only buy the b-sides. I can affordable open my eyes to new artists, and never worry about wasting anything but my time.
8. Google
simply becuase it is now a verb. anything with kind of affect of the english language is okay with me.
9. lolcats.
one word...monorailcat.
1o. ha ha ha ha this guy!!


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