Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 11 is upon us.

Hi everybody.

We're in Week 11, which means that the semester is simultaneously winding down while the stress levels are rising.

Reminder: The blog assignment is due on Wednesday the 17th of October, which means that Week 12 is short. You will have Monday the 15th, Tuesday the 16th, and Wednesday the 17th until 4 pm, to contribute in Week 12 itself. Don't forget.

I'd also appreciate it if everyone remembers to treat the other students on the blog with respect. I've edited a post this morning to remove inflammatory content, and I'd appreciate not needing to do it again. The blog has been well behaved so far, and respect is required throughout the whole semester. It's particularly appreciated towards the end when we're heading into what is likely to be its busiest phase, and where arguments could actively get in the way of contributions by other students.

To summarise: It's been good so far and I'd rather it not burn around us now, of all times.

I have some resources which people have been interested in over the last week or so:

1) "Another Cold Morning," Transmetropolitan #8, written by Warren Ellis. This is the single-edition comic of the series I mentioned last week as relevant to anyone interested in the whole question of the internal cellphone, and other issues of mobile media. "Another Cold Morning" is a good introduction to the series.

2) I've had requests for the reading I mentioned for the DVD, discussing the possibility of preferred readings being encoded through the extra-texts. Here we have: Hiding Homoeroticism in Plain View - The Fight Club DVD as Digital Closet, by Robert Alan Brookey and Robert Westerfelhaus.

3) Information regarding the update for iPhones rendering them inoperable if they've been unlocked.

Interestingly, here's an article from Wired arguing that it isn't happening for malevolent reasons.

I have been unable to find any sites from which The Fanimatrix can be downloaded at the moment, but I'll work on it.

Good luck for all your assignments, and play nice.

- Kevin.


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