Sunday, October 7, 2007

More Human than Human

This talk of cyborgs and amputees with prosthetic limbs got me thinking of a computer-game I played a few years ago and which im pretty sure was talked about in class called Deus Ex. The game is set in 2052 in a dystopian kind-of society where the world faces overpopulation etc etc. At this point humans have achieved nano-augmentation where they can (through technology) become physically and mentally enhanced - (see in the dark, jump extremely high, resist injury etc). I think it ties in with what that Australian artist talked about: that the body is limited and we can make it better even if it means through foreign material, like metal.

It makes you think, if we could become more advanced, even if it meant through artifical augmentation would people do it? I sure as hell would. Imagine where we would be in the future if we evolve side-by-side with with technology.



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