Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thumb Culture

The mobile phone can be seen increasingly over the past decade, to have become a ubiquitous item in the hand, pocket or pursue of of most peopel around the world. It's lifespan of no more then twenty years has seen it develop from a new means of social communication to a more sophisticated role in everyday communication and interaction within society.

The ability now for a mobile phone today to have
- Internet
- 3.8 mega pixel camera
- Ability to play and store more then 2000 songs
- Dedicated gaming keys

has had everyone desiring to upgrade to the latest phone.

The development of mobile phone technology can be seen to have occured simultaneuosly with that of the interent. Both these mediums have produced a communication revolution with the past decade, and the combining of the two can be seen as the biggest yet.

The mobile phone of today represents a sphere that people have the ability to plug in and plug out from with the touch of a botton. They can be sitting on a train , but instead be really interacting on the online community Facebook or watching the lastest movie preview. (Or like me writing a blog ) This ability has also created a dependence, where if you dont have your phone on you, you dont feel 'tuned in' to the world.

It also can be seen as blurring of the public and privates realms of professionals, as they are bringing their work home with them everynight. Vodafone New Zealand has taken this to a new level, where they have mobile employees who do not have a desk space in the offices. Instead they have a mobile and a laptop and 'roam around' doing their work in public space.

My personal experiences of a mobile phone have caused me more pain then happiness, even so it will remain firmly within my grasp everyday of the year.



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