Sunday, October 7, 2007

MySpace ruins lives

Dear myspace.

what have yuo done to me?? im a voyeur, an evesdropping.. nosy person now. You've has changed my life yes, but not in a good way. i dont trust anyone with a myspace? how could i? my boyfriend is a fiend also and how can i sleep at night knowing trashy girls (his favourite kind..) are 'adding' him and 'private messaging' him! why do we need the private message option? lets have everything out in the open please.. its like whispering. Remember when whispering was like torture in the playground? im one of those extremely paranoid people, who is positive that whispering is about me (arrogant i know wah wah wah) .. so of course 'messages' just freak me out. and those photos??? who poses for their myspace photos? poses in alluring positions and outfits (or with their shirt off) to garner some sort of myspace-attention. argh!

in fact.. myspace has ruined my life so much to the point that im now a crim! i hacked into my boyfriends account to read these private whispers (i can tell u because i just got caught..) how paranoid is that? its worse then reading his texts when hes in the shower. (but in all honesty i was totally in the right.. how else would i know he'd been talking to his gross exgirlfriend? haha hmmm...)

but its not only poor bf's page that im addicted to. reading peoples comments is interesting too... they're full blown conversations.. in fact, i have to be extremely carefull about what i bring up in real life...

them...'oh i cant sorry.. i have to do some family thingie'

me... 'no u dont? arnt u meeting whatshername'?

them.. 'what? how'd u..?'

me... ''

see? you're ruining my social situations!

honestly... myspace leave me alone. im better off without you. i want my space back.

love maddy


Blogger Fualosa said...

Oh my goodness, I agree whole heartedly with you Maddy. I am a self-confessed facebook addict and it does become quite scary when you begin to read conversations between your friends and know everything about what your friends are doing. I also find I have to pretend I don't know some things that I really shouldn't know, which causes a shift within me to self-reflexive mode. I it ok for me to know this, to be looking at other conversations between people? I then justify it with 'well it is a public forum' but is it really? Oh the morality and ethics of it all!!!

October 7, 2007 at 7:44 PM  

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