Sunday, October 7, 2007

media saturated society.

This week I was writing an essay for another paper that I'm enrolled in and it was about media saturated society. It was quite interesting to find out myself how our individual lives are affected by the power of the media. so I though it will be quite relevant to share the things I found out on the blog. The essay was about the myth and ideology and truth that the film 'thank you for smoking' was talking about. it is deadly serious topic, really the film was really funny. the main character Nick was a lobbyist he talks on be half of the cigarettes, try to persuade people to continue smoking. and the idea of the job is to defend what is indefensible. almost everyone knows that smoking is bad for us, but did we ever think why its bad for ourselves? or have we ever try to find out what exactly is bad? or what kind of harm it has?

we all know smoking is bad mostly because of that is how we got taught and that is what most people believe. This is the myth and ideology but at the same time the truth because smoking is really bad for our lungs as we all know. In this media saturated society, we creates the media as human but at the same time we are being used.


Blogger joannechin said...

hahaha, i ust finished that particular assignment. its funniest movie ive seen in ages. plus im a smoker, but it really hit some points.. :)

October 8, 2007 at 3:10 AM  

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