Sunday, October 7, 2007

when we die....

I'v read an article talks about now people start to consider where their blogswill go if they die. In this article, the author's name has been added on a friend's will ro inherit her blogs in the event of her death. This may sounds ridiculous at first, but it also plunged us into deeper though. We all agree that internet changed our lived dramatically, if the traditional paper diary was treated as an precious heritage of death people, then why blog or emails can't?

Has any of you ever download your memoriable emails on a hard disk, or re-type some really sweet cellphone meesages into a word documentary then save it? I have done that. We trust technology, so we believe they are there now and they will be there forever. Actually, digital data is more vulnerable, a virus or the lost of usb pen can easily destroy everything.

There are millions of myspace users in the world now. Some of them have died prematurely. There is a website, which collects dead myspace users. Another site,, goes further by aggregating links to the pages of MySpace users, along with stories, obituaries or blogs that detail their lives and how they died. Blog becomes something like a gravestone or the teenage bedroom that never been touched by parents if their children have disappeared. Myself have no idea about what fate awaits my blog when i die, but I think, no matter we believe in afterlife or not, we'd better make sure that the memories we have placed into these webs will be treated as what they deserve.


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