Monday, October 8, 2007

Mobile Phone: essential

It is the 21st century' things either improve or become extinct.
It is the new evolution, the strongest/savvy survive. I mean literally if you are not adept in technology you will always be two steps behind. For Auckland Uni, you need to constantly be checking your email for updates, mini-tests, appointments, then cecil provides you with class notes and even video lectures. Touch typing is also an essential skill given the typed essay format you need to comply with so either you learn fast just to be involved here at uni. or you fall behind and are always the only one that didnt know turnitin was down or the test you were suppose to take today had been postponed to yesterday.
This use of technology has curtailed plagiarism, has zero tolerance to ignorance and found a way to keep time synchronized with that of the Uni. and its students. Leaving no gap for slackers to fall into without being recongnized. And if you were a paranoid conspiracy theorists you could speculate academics were trying to separate the educated from the uneducated by trying to implement technology so it was being used and learnt and therefore creating another barrier to the two types.( or it may just be my imagination getting ahead of itself? at 2am, its quiet...)

Ive also noticed that being an 80's child and being exposed to computers at the age of 10 which its only use was to play games and draw awkward straight lined Microsoft pictures. As well as only graduating to the Nintendo with its 2D SuperMario Bros I am less savvy than my 90's generation sister and brother. They jump on the net and search what I had been looking for previously to no avail, and because they have been brought up in this new era know what to type to get specific results and from there can get me a better site sort of like they have been programmed better. They did however get internet access at home and the Sega which then graduated to the Playstation although it could again just be the economic situation in my family which could have a part to play.

Blogging, I would not have one simply because I dont think what I have to say would be of interest and because it would again let people see how much I dont know. And it also opens you up to either disagreement or perhaps agreement for me this is a bit scary just cause Im like, someone took time to read my "stimulating" blog. However when reading others blogs you learn from what they have posted or you wonder why they would care to share their thoughts. It kind of feels like your reading their diary of thoughts on subjects or their email to friend done publicly.


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