Monday, October 8, 2007

Issuing ‘Cyworld’

Those of you would not so familiar with 'Cyworld', unless you are Korean background or have read my recent post about the typeface usage in the web world. For a simple and easy explanation for the majority readers expected to read this post, (who I guess would be non-Korean contexts), 'Cyworld' is a Korean version of MySpace. As I mentioned in my previous post, it is also known with its reputation as one of the most popular websites amongst Korean people and is having more than half of its whole population as its member. (so that means, there are about 22,000,000 (it's 22 millions) people who are 'regularly' using a certain amount of ‘acorn’ (a cyber money circulated in buying items and using services provided by Cyworld) to adorn their own ‘blog-like’ personal sites. That's a huge industry.

Just as what MySpace and Facebook are for English users, Cyworld provides a fine environment for creating and managing a social network for individuals with tones of other services suit to the interest of teenagers and young generations between twenties to thirties, or barely even forties (these services are mostly having a considerable relation with the trends from both the on and off line worlds, such as UGC clips and real time news about the celebrities and international issues)to make them 'bound into the portal for 24/7'.
Although MySpace is obviously having better quality in its quantitative aspect (in terms of the number of joined members for service use and the scale of fame in the world wide), at least in my point of view, (not simply because I am Korean) Cyworld seems to have a lot more interesting point and better quality service in regarding ‘more intense human network management system’.

Having heard about a commentary for hundreds of time might not quench the thirst of curiosity in judging which sites actually has the better functions and quality; so I suggest you to visit Cyworld USA ( to find out more detail. Or else if you are deeply interested in searching of a fine social network system apart from MySpace and Facebook, I suggest you to visit so that you will have an exploration yourself to feel the 'shock of the new!'

ps. do not worry even if you do not understand the Korean language. What is this for is all about for you to wide your perspective from a limited vision of Internet navigation; just as there are hundreds of good places in around the world that we could not see and could not find, there are even more numbers of fine web spaces that you can not see and find under the cultural and social contexts.


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