Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Liz I suggest that don’t throw any expensive mobile to the wall, please. It will be definitely broken no matter what brand it is. For LCD screen mobile it may be ok, but not for TFT-LCD I supposed.

My first laptop’s brand was LEGEND, now it is called LENOVO. It is a Chinese brand. This laptop’s quality was great. It fell from my table down to the floor twice and got a crack on the keyboard panel, it was still working very well. The hardware is quite good and it is running very steady. I filled it up with many ‘indecent’ softs – piratical or cripple stuffs at that time, it seldom made me down. Now I still keep it as an antique. Yeah, I have to admit that it is not just a machine to me but more like a pet. LENOVO or IBM now is like a freak as some people comment - it has a big ‘head’ and a small ‘body’ which may relate to its compatibility. I don’t know it is true or not, I don’t have one.

I have got an ‘apple’. Soon after I bought it I was facing a big problem – how could I get the softs. I have never thought about to purchase them or all of them as being a contented ‘thief’ for many years. Liz you may need to think about it if you are a game lover or you want to make best use of your computer. However if you are a good cracker, you can ignore this problem. Mac is good looking and good for doing graphic editing, such as running PS, especially editing big photo, the speed is faster than PC. But some files you made in your Mac may not be read properly in PC or some printers, it is another issue. Also, if you buy an Mac, that means you join a new community - Mac World, where some people make Mac a part of their identity. As you know it is framed by the marketing strategy.

Anyhow, new technology is great. But don’t let idealistic bankrupts us. Liz, all the best to your new computer.


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