Wednesday, October 10, 2007

bloggy blog blog

the first thing i do when i wake up (apart from the usual stuff) is read my links of favourite blogs. then i check my email, facebook and so on. (sometimes, its facebook first though.. hahaha)

and yesterday i stumbled on this absolutely hilarious blog. it is a space to record your funniest and most absurd way of breaking something or hurting someone or something with your Wii controller or Nanchuk. (note: i don't own a Wii, but i have tried it out and all that) i think this possibly has happened to more of us hen we care to admit..

another blog i read often is Karen Cheng's blog. she is a mother of two sons, but also used to be a graphic designer, an artist and a photographer. her style and sense of creativity is amazing. plus, i really like the layout of her blog.. which obviously she designed herself.

being a typical girl, i like the typical trashy, gossipy and mindless blogs like Perez Hilton, Pink is the new Blog and the Superficial. they are mindless and 'plasticky' (if you've seen Mean Girls, you'll get it!) and for me, they just past time so quickly. useless information, but release in such an inviting, pleasing and entertaining manner.

of course, i also read my own friends personal blogs, but let's not get into that. mostly, i tend to read blogs more then i read the newspaper. the newspaper is so boring, and wordy. not enough pictures (can you tell I'm quite shallow..) I have been accused of being ignorant, because i have no idea whats going on in our country or the rest of the world, but i only or usually always know who is dating who and who went out on Friday night..

my point? blogs are great, mainly because they connect us to everything and everyone, but maybe blogs should now include the news. with nice layouts. and pretty colours, then maybe I'll enjoy reading the news in a blog version as well.. or maybe a visual version of the newspaper. with nice colours!



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