Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Like every theorist, company and two year old is doing these days - i too am making up a hybrid of two words into one all encompassing word (or three words into one if you count 'blog' as a mash-up of 'web log'). For you media students you might have noticed recent classics include 'domesticom' - the contraction of the words 'domestic' and 'comedy' into one and yeah, that's all I can remember for now... (i-Phone?) Ha!
Anyway, yes I too have made a word. BLOGASTINATION. It is the mix up of the word 'blog' and the idea of 'procrastination' into one. How very original. Yes, I do have a point, now where did I put it? Ah!
Blogs, web communities, online gaming. When do we interact and interface with such entities the most? I will say it, you're all thinking it, we all do it - when we're procrastinating!!! Indeed, the surge in popularity of such gigantic web phenomenons as Facebook and Wikipedia can probably be narrowed down to the fact that, for the 21st century human being who requires the computer for most or all of their work, these sites are in the most appropriate place - right in front of us and only a mouse click away!
We write blogs, play, and socialise online with people just like ourselves - they should be working too - heck, it feels like we're all working because the Microsoft Word tab is visible clearly at the bottom of our screens - we might even open it now and then to stare blankly at the empty page that is entitled "Media Essay #2". However we are 'not' working because work is dull. We are told to do it - forced even - and we do not like this as typical human beings. We should be and are (thanks to the internet) FREE to do whatever we want.
Does it not seem odd then that, for the most part, when we blog we are in fact writing anyway? We write a blog as a form of procrastination - as a means of avoiding having to write an essay. So we are writing to avoid writing! It is quite intriguing, if not a little irresponsible.

Blogastination, my friends. We all do it. Perhaps that's why this blog might not be as successful as it could be. Why? It's because this blog is assessed - and thus, it can be considered work. Work is dull, and anything else is better. Perhaps, to really assess how well we use this online blog as a medium for class interaction, then, would be to instead check our facebook accounts. Many of them contain delightful, consistent blogging and online social interaction because Facebook is not work, and we all blog on that in order to avoid blogging on this. To assess how well we interact online as a class, then, one need only look at how well we blogastinate.

Til' next time - Stay classy, 203.
(Note: I wrote this as the lesser of two evils - as a form of procrastination from doing a larger, much scarier assessment - so this is my theory in practice!)


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