Friday, October 12, 2007


This is a kinda random blog, I dont' realyl know what to write bout this week, the only thing that comes to mind is stuff iv seen on 2020! I'v been watching 20/20 lately as there's nothing else on tv on a thursday night, but sometimes they have some quite intresting stories on. yesterdays one with the guy that draws amazing pictures with that etch a sketch thing was crazy.. and he records himself and puts it on utube. They've had quite a few stories to do with technology, like the effect of technology on kids. it showd 1 year old kids with 2 cell phones, and experiance on the net. My little sister has more stuff then i do, ipod, laptop, 2 fones, more than i do! someone who did a thesis on young girls and popular culture argued that kids are growing up to fast and that they're skippinig childhood. which they kinda are i guess with everything thats avalibe to them.. wonder what it'll be like in 10 years time. It was kind of disturbing though as some of these girls meet people on the internet and think they're in 'love' when they're only 10 and one of the girls pretend to be a boy to trick one girl into commiting suicide..hmmm... i guess technology effects kids more than we realise. shows quite a few utube videos of a few things, like that unama(cnt relally remember what its calld) video. of that guy singing to the song on his webcam, i remember seeing that quite awhile ago, cant belive how popular that guy is now just from that!also the utube video of that prison that dance to michael jackson and they show it on the net. haha. kinda cool, but mean as it sed they're forced to dance or sumthing. anyway... i really dont know what to write this week, almost forgot again.. this blog things kinda a hassle sumtimes when you have heaps of other work on and when u cnt think of what to say. oh well, thats me for the week.. 1 more week to goo :)



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