Saturday, October 13, 2007


D-War is a Korean film and directed by Shim Hyung Rae. It is a fantage action film that was its nation's largest-budgeted as of 2007. He completed to film, the D-war in seven years. This is the first time that Korean movie showing in Hollywood. He's a comedian originally. However, he started to make some movies. He has having hard times, but he had come back over and over again. He suffered countless criticisms but he stood up again like a tumbler. So he had done his job, coming to us step by step, to show them the very presence of Korea and himself. No one dare to challenge his efforts, passion, and devotion to this movie. I deeply owe to him, Director Shim, the one who stake his own life for his job in this small country.

There was a Korean subject matter and an atmosphere and from multi report it came out. Based on the Korean legend, unknown creatures will return and devastate the planet. Reporter Ethan Kendrick is called in to investigate the matter, and he arrives at the conclusion that a girl, stricken with a mysterious illness, named Sarah is suppose to help him. The Imoogi makes its way to Los Angeles, wreaking havoc and destruction. With the entire city under arms, will Ethan and Sarah make it in time to save the people of Los Angeles?
When the movie came out and the director Sim was successful endeavored as the D-war. However the contents compared in the expectation and it was behind too much and it was disappointed plentifully. The director Sim, will be evaluated and to afterwards to make a better work

Kim, Hye-In


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