Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cyborgs Of Today

Whether we like it or not; the dependence in which we as humans have on technology has got to a point where their is no turning back.

This throught came about through my unfortunate experience of watching Die Hard 4. Admist cars flying into helicopters and Willis' one liners, a definate underlying discourse of humanity's reliance upon technology was ever present. So are we turning into cyborgs? Has society got to a point where we have forgotten how to live without the aid of our technological companions?

I think so.

The dependence we put on technology nowdays is so great that one malfunction and an entire city could lose electricity. (Or the snapping of a wire for that instance.) Our lives have become so intertwined with the use of technology, I beat half of us couldnt survive one week without a kitchen.

However technology is not just being used to aid the lives of humans in society, it can also be seen to define them. Everywhere and everyday we are using technology to help portray an image of ourself to the world. Mobile Phones, Cars, the latest computer are all items that are being used by us and affecting the way we interact, socialise and work. In doing so creating a hybrid cybord as we see the development of a person identity based around the technology they use within their lifestyle.

Technology is here to stay and as it develops and becomes more advanced, more opportunities are going to be available to us. However with its advancement only means new forms of destruction with come about.


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