Sunday, October 14, 2007

Interfaces on the move.

The idea that an interface reaches out further than just your computer screen is one that has been talked about a lot in the last lecture and tute. Saying that anything that your interacting with to manipulate technology my example is driving a car.
When your driving a car your interface is your dashboard and your steering wheel etc. You can drive cars in Video games as well. This changes your interface into more of a H.U.D. (heads up display) this normally holds all the aspects of a normal cars interface but superimposed in front of what you would see while normally driving.
However what happens when you mix these two interfaces together. Giving your normal car an extra interface normally only seen on computers. Jason Bradbury has done just that. Hes given his car a H.U.D to try and improve his driving experience.
With his new tackle on changing interfaces in regular technology how long will it be before windows or OS is the operating system for more than just our computers.


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