Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fifteen things I could be doing instead of writing this blog.

1. Drinking heaps of beer (Peroni) and watching the league
2. Picking off my nailpolish and repainting (my new favourite bad habit :)
3. Starting my Film 202 essay thats due on Wednesday (sacrificing one course for another)
4. Sleeping or just lying in bed
5. MySpace spying :)
6. Taking my dog for a walk (or thinking about it, deciding against.. and sitting on the couch with my dog)
7. Preparing for MAN Vs. WILD at 5.30!!
8. Cleaning my car (bahaha..)
9. Calling the boys and listening to their drunken Saturday night stories (thank you blog!)
10. Studying...eeek
11. Making the trip to BURGER FUEL!!!
12. Cleaning my room
13. Handwashing my silver tights (they've got CODE all over them)
14. Job hunting, Im sick of being a nanny (not a fan of kids)
15. Pimping my Facebook

But this is my fifth post and it's sunday afternoon in the second to last week of uni (you do the math) therefore I must post a blog (any blog..) so instead, my nailpolish is still intact, my dogs giving me evils from across the room, my film 202 essay is a lost cause, my car looks shocking, I havnt talked to my friends, my room looks like nam, my facebook is still boring (Im not a pirate OR a ninja),Im starving and Im not drunk.

Maddy Simpson


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