Sunday, October 14, 2007

the state of art 07

This post was inspired by an item on 3 News the other day about a women in Christchurch animating and projecting graffiti art onto buildings. The above video shows the same sort of thing being used in Rio. I think this is a great example of new technologies being used as creative tools and helping to make public spaces a lot more interesting. I came across a similar way that technology was being used to help publicly display peoples art back in London in 1999. On the corner of a building in Leceister Squre was a huge screen hooked up to the internet. Artists of all sorts were able to upload their work (e.g short videos) to a site and they would be shown on this screen. Some of the benefits of projection graffiti art over the real thing is that it can be displayed on historic/important buildings without damaging them and can be animated.


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