Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pretty lady robot? do u wana marry her/this?

this afternoon, I was just sufin da net doin my usual stuff~ checkin email and some news articles. and this catched my attention this lady <------- is a robot. she looks real and talks real perhaps little unnatural when she moves but deffinately, anyone may think she is a human. The title of this article was, " Soon Human will marry Robots"=....= thats so crazy,, its what I thought.. I read many articles with this robots being made and becomin more real and real and couldnt stop to think 'why are they making a robot looks like a human and talks like a human? why are we trying to make them same as us?"
Dr David Levy from The Maastricht University in Netherland announced a thesis and he said Robot is becoming so similar to human being in characteristics, appearance and also ability. he added that many people could have feeling to the robots and this feelings may develop to the marriage.
Dr Levy's thesis is based on the research and verifications of psychology,sexology,social science and robotics and 450 other areas. He also mentioned that not only the relationship between human and the robot but also relationship between robots can happen in near future.
I guess he is a doctor,, he knows alot.. and this article was really interesting but.. kinda.. freaky.
Who wants to marry a robot????? but its more scary because I feel like this strange things will happen someday.. maybe not while im alive but, someday ^^;;


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