Sunday, October 14, 2007

I think technology has turned me slightly anti social

Although i have a largely positive view of technology, i cant help but think about the ways it has made me anti-social. The number one way that technology has made me anti-social is through my ipod. I get catch the train into uni all the way from Papakura and i'll spend a whole hour listening to my ipod and sometimes i pretend not to see people i know so that i dont have to talk to them. I also seem to be talking to mates in the UK on MSN more than i do physically talking to my friends in New Zealand. This is mostly because it's easier to talk online than in person.
As well as making me slightly anti social, technology has helped slowly eroded my self control. I saw this because i cant help but find out what happens in the end of shows i watch that have already aired overseas. I did it for the Sopranos and know im actually watching clips of the Mighty Boosh on Youtube during my spare time.Aggghhhhh


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