Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Learnings from FTVMS203

Not being an active blogger in any other blogs online myself i have found that this particular calss blog has been a good opourtunity for me to either speak my mind relatively freely or a great channel for procrastination. I really should be writing my Film 202 essay on the interrelation of politics and aesthetics in Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever" however i want to blog about what this course has taught me, and there have been quite a few topics that have caught my attention.....

Firstly, i didn't know the extent to which agency in a game can be used to create such a huge fandom culture which essentially create a new game or media to consume. e.g the series developed using the halo game. I totally agree with the point that although agency can sometimes constarin our actions it also gives us a structure to work from.

I found it intereesting to know that one of the reasons behind zoning on DVD's is to stagger the release worldwide and so they can control who gets what when.mmmmmm

The extent to which the technologies involved in prosthetic limbs has developed and where the technology is heading. More importantly the implications this has for the human race and the possibilities for those pondering the decision of amputation.

The point that Luke brought up about the irony of those who want to become more beautiful and more 'natural' looking however they do so by undergoing surgery that involves technologies that are so intensely designed and crafted that 'natural' would be the last word to describe them. Nevertheless, i still watched the sawn when it was on TV as it simply amazed me at how much these people pyshical appearance did change.

I still dont know what on earth that lecture on music was supposed to achieve but whatever.....

I learnt a lot in this course and throughly enjoyed it, as it gave me a break from my saturation of japanese papers that im taking for my major. Finally id just like to say that before i took this course i had no idea that i could play out the role of a bunny rabbit or whichever animal i wanted really and have virtual sex with other humans using our virtual animals.......mmmmmmm.... thanks shery turkle for making me aware of that.......

Thanks to Luke and Kevin, interesting course....

take care everyone over the holidays and goodluck for your exams!

Peace, David Dunlop


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