Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cleanup sumthin...

As i was signing onto my blogger account, the first thing i was greeted with was sumthin about a Cleantech day, or such, and this was like, a day to acknowledge all these Green-party approved blogs/ blog accounts. Wow, everything is online nowadays...this kinda thing doesnt hit you or clicks in your head, until you actually stop, look and think.. something you tend to forget to do once you sit infront of the tv.... ...... ....... ..... ...... .... what was i saying (typing)? or in front of the bebo machine?

Anyways, like how i said earlier? i mean, TYPED earlier! you see??? Can our fingers SPEAK? as in can our fingers SAY things? wait, dont answer that...last thing i want is a debate on the last week of uni. lol but yes. computer and internet use is soo ingrained (is dat even a WORD?) into society nowadays that it becomes a daily routine, something a couple of years ago wouldve been eye-browraising?it was predicted..and im just being a repetitive idiot haha. anyways, my point being, that everybody is online nowadays. even the power-conserving green-fingered people (thats just a stereotype btw).. yeah yea, part of our lives too...i know, you know.. but hmmmm what are we to do, but wait.... for disaster to strike? or a breakthrough in technology advances?

i want WORLD PEACE...Maybe that can be achieved via online?? think about nah dont. im just kidding....or am i? lol


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