Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Story of a Blogger

This personal publishing journey of the media 203 blog has been intriguing. At first I did not understand why people would be interested in joining new age phenomenon? To recite your day to day trials and tribunes was an activity that I could not understand people participating in.

Is it boredom?

A non-existent social life?

Or maybe an Agoraphobia?

After I got over my initial prejudice and found that I actually had to get onto starting this assignment. I found the blog gave me an opportunity to have a voice and opinion about anything I want; gaming, life, movies and society.

The blogs appealing nature stems from its ability to provide the ‘blogger’ with an identity in which can faithfully represent the user or be a distant caricature of someone the blogger might want to be. This new age journalism can also be seen to be an integral part of societies ever changing public sphere, taking over the place that was previously held by older mediums of communications such as newspapers and television as watchdogs of New Zealand society.

Blogging has had an addictive effect on my internet use. Since starting the media 203 blog it has seen me continually read and write blogs on many differing communities for instance MySpace.

Thanks Luke, Kevin and fellow 203 bloggers.

and may we chat again in another world?



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