Monday, October 15, 2007


perhaps now would be an appropriate time to look longingly into the eyes of FTVMS 203, kiss it long and hard, and get on that plane leaving casablanca behind. trust me I am directing the orchestra as we... well not speak, but you get the jist. That brings me to my last blog, and last point before I bid you farewell and god speed for the ever nearing exams. What has the new media done to the human voice, our ability to speak, and more importantly our ability to stay silent.
People are using the internet, the technological world to talk, to blog, to reach the world, to make contact, but in all one talks anymore. No one speaks. I could send fifty texts a day to my boyfreind each saying I love you, but its just pixles. I can send a thousand emails a year to friends far and wide, but they are also jsut pixles. My dad saw my nephew for the first time the otherday via webcam, but even that is just pixles.
Here is my history, if anyone would care to know, it is relevant I swear. I was born in new zealand, within three years my parents divorceed and I moved to the UK with my mum and who is now, to me, my dad. We left out entire family behind, my mum, sister and I, but found a new family. From there we moved to Egypt for siz months, Holland for 9 months, Nigeria for three and a half years, pakistan for two years, where I was when the towers fell, so I was evacuated to NZ for three months, on our second evacuation we left for good moving to Singapore, and I finally moved here a year and a half ago. My family and my freindships have and always will operate around the globe. Technology brings us together.
There are alot of people I know I will never see again, despite my best intentions. There are people thousands of miles away that I care more about than people I am an arm's reach from, and my life has always been like this. The foundations of my abiltiy to interact with both my past, present and future relies on technolgy and it scares me.
As you all may have noticed, I am not techonologically savy, despite my reliance on it. I am also a romantic for old days that aren't my own. I never lived in the time of written letters, and when I did I was too young to care. I feel cheated out of all the humanity lost to the techonolgical cool of our existance. Yes, i get to talk to all my freinds and family in a heartbeat, but waht ever I say to them would be nothing in comparison to waht I would say having travelled the world to find them, to be reunited with them. I beleive there was a time when death and war were honorable, and life was sacred not statistics.
You cant' find yourself online.
All of the trials of life have been removed for our demographic, and with the loss of the care that goes into hard effort, hard work all our interactions are steel. cool, efficiant, and unmoving.
perhaps the biggest irony is that this should be written and posted on the back on the very beast on which I rely but despise.


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