Monday, October 15, 2007

De Ja VU..... Final Blog i promise

And so i had thought i finished my blogging yesterday... but nope. Kevins handy little reminder informed me that i had actually made 6 posts... but in 5 weeks. Damn. So this is my final blog, kinda kills my last farewell.

Anyway so todays lecture was very helpful indeed with laying out whats in the exam, maybe i do have some hope after all.

This whole blogging thing has really opened up my mind to the world of ...well blogging. I find my self searching google for all sorts of blogs that would interest me. Actually my mum was saying that she even wants to make her own blog, saying that others may like her so much that she may turn into one of those "normal" people who get discovered on the internet and turn out to be Bazillionaires!

Anyway im just rambling on about nothing in order to make up for that 6th post in a different week!

I really am getting used to this whole technology business, and have learnt so much in FTVMS 203, even about things that don't usually interest me... ie Videogames.

Ive Discovered theres a whole other world out there and maybe i kinda like it!

Minnie Singh


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