Monday, October 15, 2007

Response to Digital Natives

Yesterday I had an enriching experience whilst viewing the digital native website. I don't ususally put too much faith into Wiki's but as it was referenced in lecture 9, I thought perhaps it was worth a look. It was able to help clarify the term "Digital native" which i hadn't really got the grasp of. Rather than anyone born post 1982 being a digital native it is only those who digitally savvy who are incorporated in the demographic. The narratives to do with identity lends insight into the life of a modern teen girl:

Using Elizabeth as an example it depicts the everyday life of a middle class American teen including every encounter with technology she has. Throughout the day Elizabeth comes into contact with Cellphone (text messaging, photos and calling), viewfinder with built in camera, AOL emails, FLICKr, Adobe photoshop and an Apple ipod. This is merely an average day, but despite this soo much technology has been used. Its only gonna get better! or is that worse? issues still exsist but even so we are embracing technology like never before.

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