Monday, October 15, 2007

Tickets and community

On Friday i decided that before i attended uni for the day i might as well pick up my big day out tickets while i still had the money. This turned out to be the first time that i have ever queued up to get tickets for something as soon as they came out.
This got me thinking about the sense of community and purpose you get when actually physically waiting for tickets in line with other people who are persuing the same goal.
Previously, the only tickets i have coveted enough to try and be bang on time in attaining them was when the Red Hot Chilli peppers were last in town. That time however i managed to get the tickets online, whilst sitting at home.
The major difference i found in actually being there to physically get tickets at real groovy was the sense of celebration to it all.
There were journalists asking people why they were buying them, who they were going to see, camera crews, and best of all there were marketing people there giving away cans of v and kit kat bars. it was awewsome.
So is technology taking away some of this fanfare as more and more people simply hovering on the net, constantly refreshing their browser to get their tickets?
I don't know about that, but i found lining up for them to be infinitly more fun that messing about with internet explorer.


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