Monday, October 15, 2007

Sex, Sex and More Sex

Don't let the title fool you. There is no sex to be found here, for this is just a computer blog. Yes, a blog can do many things, it provides a medium for discussion and debate. It hosts speculation, information sharing, arguments, compliments, flirtation, idle chatter and in-depth exploration. However, it does not lead to sex. Basically - one cannot achieve the same level of satisfaction talking on a blog that they can reach when talking to others in person. Interacting in person can lead to sex. Blogs cannot.

Humans 1. Blogs 0.

Don't let the above score fool you. Just because the blog does not share important features that face-to-face social contact has, does not mean it does not excel at what it does best. Connectivity. Through this blog, I have learnt many things from many people that I might not have, had I been told about them in a real life discussion. Through this blog I have been instantaneously connected to sites, news, videos and pictures with the simple click of a mouse, and through this action I have been able to share a media experience more intimately than would be achievable had someone just described the site to me face-to-face.

Humans 1. Blogs 1.

Don't let this short blog fool you - there are many more avenues for competition between human and technology. For the most part, this blog has made the points it has needed to make:

1. People will click on or read anything with a title as simply appealing as the title of this blog. (This could prove dangerous in our new media age - with viruses and other harmful content hiding behind simple slogans or abusing Google's search system. What we think might be a simple link to an innocent game, blog or news site could really be a much more dangerous bag of evils. Do not judge a book by its cover!)

2. Computers for all their many joys and spectacles cannot equal the appeal that adequate human social contact can present.

3. Computers for all their many joys and spectacles can prove to be very helpful when they are needed. They have their place in our lives for certain. The idea of the cyborg is very much shown by all of us who use the computer as a way of communicating, stimulating and storing our thoughts and emotions in a way that cannot be done otherwise.

This blog, 203, is exemplary of all of these. "We can continue this conversation in the class blog" should become a common closure for lectures and tutorials in the future. It is the future for all of us intellectual cyborgs.

If you want to continue the spirit of this class blog onwards - I found this site which is pretty much a clone of ours minus the redeeming factor of "hey, I was sitting next to the person who wrote this blog this morning!". It also has nice updates on new technologies and their inherent issues (eg. Hybrid cars are too quiet - blind people have no chance!) which are just fodder for debate and speculation that this class seems to relish.

I apologise for the false advertising of this blog title, it might be overdone, but it still gets your attention! It's another point for the blog though - it lets you unleash some creativity!
Til' next time 203,
Stay classy, and good luck for exams and future blogs!


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