Monday, October 15, 2007

Final Post

I thought it would be appropriate to write my final blog on what I have learnt from taking this Film 203 course. The main thing I have realised this semester is that I am much more technologically dependent that I first thought. I never knew I relied so much on technology, old or new, advanced or not, and it has come as a shock to learn I am so subconciously addicted.

- Firstly and perhaps most obviously, automatic spellcheck on word? I never realised my spelling was so bad until I paste my blogs straight from here into word and my page is covered in red lines... what makes these squiggles so unnerving?
- Cellphones of course, mines an extension of my hand.
- Facebook, myspaces cooler older sister. I dont know why I feel the need to 'poke' my friends but its almost an addiction also.
- I wouldnt remember ANYONEs birthdays if a little box didnt pop up on my computer and remind me, is this just me?
- Online blogs, I never thought I was a blog-reader (a bleader??) until someone pointed out that I read and religiously everyday and even know exactly what time the authors post.
- I scoff at these other people who are addicted to online video-gaming but then realised I watch episodes of my favourite shows that havent come out in NZ yet at the same time, same day every week at Im just as bad!
- Friendships can be made or broken over 'top friends' arrangments on myspace. Why is this? Maybe I should rebel and make it alphabetical.
- ALL my photos are on my computer, Iv never had any printed off. My memories are stored somewhere in cyberspace. If I lose them, it's like I never existed!

And there's just so much more. Please feel free to add your own!

I've learnt to much more then I thought I would in this class and am constantly impressed by the knowledge that comes from my classmates!

Consider my mind expanded.


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