Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As I Tip My Hat to the end of Techno-culture (at least the class)

This has definitely been one of the most interesting classes that I have been in. And the tutorials would have been judging on the first one if my lame job (which I have since quit) did not coincide with the tutorial time that I had. The class has been an interesting exploration in to the increasingly technological dependency that the globe is in turn evolving into despite if one likes it or not. It is both a scary avenue (such as making your hand actually function as an ear) but also in a artistic sense very interesting path due to the rise of digital music and also filmmakers adopting the use of a digital camera in response to finding the "idyllic" film production redundant (David Lynch "Inland Empire).

I think that since I have taken this class I have increasingly looked out for more examples of how new media is being integrated into functioning as a means to create art. It has been interesting to me how I have found so many examples of how people are not giving those old ways of creating say art but rather using technology in ADDITION to the old forms of media production so create a more expansive and varied form of the same artistic goal.

Before I go around in circles I will just provide an example. In a New York Times interview Bjork speaks of how she made both her last two albums Medulla and Volta on Pro Tools in the comfort of her own home. I think it is an interesting fact considering both albums (especially Medulla) deal with very human and organic themes and exploration of vocals whilst both extensively using products of a new media world in order to realise and accomplish that very goal. She herself raises a point on how these issues can be discussed especially the visual nature of how music is being created.

“Is music getting too visual?” she asked. “We could open a bottle of wine and talk about that for five hours.”
Stripes of color, each one a sound or an instrument, crossed the screen, starting and stopping. “It’s like doing embroidery, like when I used to knit a lot as a teenager,” she said. “You just sit and noodle all day and have a cup of tea and make pretty patterns.”

This does not make her statements less valid or even inferior in any way it is just a new way in approaching art whilst using new forms and techniques. It is just like the way Bob Dylan shocked the folk world when he used an "Electric Guitar" or when Pop Artists proposed that art that was filled with references to commercialism such as the Campbell soup tin does not belong to a low brow form of art and that it can be viewed upon in the high brow art world.

I think in this exploration of technology in an optimistic point of view we can all further possibilities in different arenas of our life

Anyway Thank you for an enjoyable class !!


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