Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's have some fun with HRTF( Head Related Transfer Function) technology!

Technology seems to be one of the major sources of delivering you a digitalized type of amuzement in around this periodic circumstance of today.

I believe that this piece of technology called 'HRFT' will surely be used as fundamental in various kinds of media within the near future to allow us able to feel a sort of 'hyper-realism' through our auditory organs.

Imagine how it would be nice when this kind of sound with a a sense of realistic spatiality will be applied to a video game, VR, music (maybe already in use?) and cinema, so that it gives you feel more 'immersed-in'! Try them all by clicking each of the play button.

* Notice: when you want to maximize the feel of 'hyper-realism', try listen to them with your ear phone pieces.

1. a match box

2. a scissoring

3. an electric shaver

* Original source available from:
www.holophonic.ch/test.php (Attention: This site is not English!)


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