Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cyborg society (Final blog^^)

Innovation comes from people's imagination, movies and novels created numerous scientific and technological imagination; Today, people’s dream come true because of scientific and technological development; Both are mechanical technology, network technology, advances in biotechnology have move forward speedy, reinforced by technology, the ability of human beings increased than before, a new concept-Cyborg emerged, the original concept of Cyborg only relate to individual, yet, with the so-called virtual invasion, the integration of Internet the whole society, Cyborg seems to be extended to the whole of human society, can also be used to predict the present and future of the world. Some ideas such as ‘Cyborg’, ‘Cyborg Society’ and the ‘Global Brain’ became well known.

The development of technology and network expansion may be both good and bad. In the bright side, through development of technology and networks, the global brain can be a substitute of human thinking, and deal with daily affairs for human, people's live will be more convenient and abundant. On the other hand, to achieve such a convenience, we have to give up part of the individual differences, so that the flow of information among individuals can be "compatible", and be able to provide sufficient information to the agent; Unconsciously, people are losing the ‘self’ gradually , and the global control of the human brain is strengthening step-by-step, even to the last, significance of a person may remain a group of code or a chip only.

In the future, the global human brain generated by internet, is created by human and our modern society, it will also have the power of dominance and control, and it is not only dominate the individual, but the whole community created by human, will be under control; In the movie ‘The Matrix’, wearing a ‘helmet’ linked with the brain to generate phantom images, have social intercourse with people, may be the future of human life?! Someone said that scientific fiction and film are writing the history of future.

*There is an interesting philosophic statement: We are Cyborg; Cyborg is not ‘human’; Therefore, we are not ‘human’!

--Xiaofei H


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