Wednesday, October 17, 2007

oh dear

well this is my last post, no one has ever commented on anything I have written. Except for the first one which I cant find, which I need to complete my six posts!!!! loving this blog right now!!!!! it was a comment on Liz Shaws post about violent video games. I wonder if anyone really feels like they became apart of a community, what does that even mean anyway? I think the problem for me is that I find faceless interaction way to impersonal. I guess virtual "reality" Isnt my real of choice. I don't no maybe its because computers scare me...... I know, I know placing human qualitys on inamimate obejects. Just because something isnt 'living' doesnt mean you cant feel anything for it. I mean I have made six posts on this blog, well 4 posts and 2 comments and I still have to recover password every time I want to make a post. Now, this is not because I forget my password, but rather because I simply cant figure out the 'normal way' to do it!! I've been to embarrised to mention untill now because I no how rediculously easy it probably is, and therefore I 'should' be able to figure it BUT I CANT, JUST LIKE I CANT FIND MY FIRST BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I admit it I am technologicly challenged, and this is why technology scares me. Fear of the unknown? My grades, thus my life hang in the balance in this technology, so the prospect of not understanding it is very overwhelming!!! If this is a community, its a very uncomfortable one for me. However it has been a worthwhile experience in that I have heard and learnt from my peers in a manner that would not normally be such an accessable resource.


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