Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Introduced in four years' SimCity 5 'is the theme of environmental protection

US Electronic Arts (EA) and the British energy giant BP duhoesaneun 10, 2007 (local time), a city famous for its construction simulation games' SimCity 'latest series of' SimCity Society (SimCity Societies) 'through the game on Earth cause and effect on learning nanhwa that allows customers to learn announced.
Society is coming from North America and Europe SimCity November and will be available from September 15 'SimCity 4' yieun fifth in the series in four years, that the new year.
For example, the real world and SimCity Society Similarly, the low cost, you simply build a building is the most common greenhouse effect gas emissions has been set. Therefore, in order to save funds for the building's only low-cost architecture, the effect of greenhouse gas emissions levels are rising. And when it reaches a certain level, floods and natural disasters caused alarm mudeowideung bail.
Conversely, BP effects of greenhouse gas reduction options or natural gas, wind power, solar energy, and so if you choose, maintain prices of natural disasters occurring around some reduction in the probability sections.


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