Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trends in Korea-Items Bay, the site repairing the 'trust' in recovery?

Market items in the 'market dominant carriers' items showing signs of shaken this phase of the bay.
'DDos zone' in about two weeks to walk door firmly lock the users who suffer inconvenience to the appropriate bulletin item Bay and criticism did not receive a clear explanation of his recovery compared to other sites because of delays.
The regulation prohibits transactions as 400,000 items of legislation enforced by the blow to the entire market trading after volunteers' DDos zone 'in the middle of the biggest users from the same sector, according to 22 tem quite a blow to the mouth Bay is likely.
Last year, during the 2006 Bay items amounted to over 15,509 items in the amount of approximately three thousand transactions amounted to 900 billion won. Nearly 400 million people in the Bay members holding about eight items worth up to 100 billion won estimated that the entire transaction in the market with a share of close to 50% are evaluated.
More than 2 million cases of trading transactions in the amount of 5%, 2 million or less if a transaction fee of 1,000 won to collect the items through the Bay last year, it recorded sales of 183 billion won.
Online game revenues are produced, the professional services firm, the entire online game industry in comparison with the corresponding ranked 15. Many of the professional staff hired and services for a long period of crustal development progress, unlike many of the loans are necessary because the investment earnings rate, which is higher than loans.
Many items to the bay from external attack is not limited to the mountains since inconvenience to users who give ISPs to move this situation does not disclose the exact cause of the tax due.
For about two weeks, the situation persists, disability services, the items Bay why 'high traffic' is called out more large users who will be caused suspicion. Disability does not resolve even simple services that users have failed to convince even the leakage of personal information were 'hacking' to conceal the 'misunderstanding' to the mountains.
Items related to the fact that the Bay Information Protection Agency notified 11 days of this month. The first obstacle to the point that it was considering the Thanksgiving holiday, waited too cope with the intellectual. Prior to September of Yangcheon police to request the investigation, but insisted that item Bay when asked to confirm whether the date does not even situation.
Homogeneous makers of the so-called 'best play' concentrated attack on the site, which was due to host the site, blocking traffic 'emergency measures' to the items taken after Bay's opening statement.
Because of this, users who are growing dissatisfied with service and the majority of users are showing signs of a summit with other sites to use. Korea's game market 'peculiarity' business performance, while Pago Bay's monetary items shaking up phase.
The online game industry in the initial items traded market growth has fulfilled a long time MMORPG genre that formed around the game yiyongcheung between the naturally formed.
Violence and fraud in the process transactions between private users and a variety of side effects, some of the space in a secure Internet transactions Bay's first item was a unique business model that emerges successful. Based on the results of these items Bay last July 18, the entire stake of 64.58% (340 million), sseomtek to sell.
Game developers have rights to items made in a situation that when these transactions are clearly forming market 'problem' is pointed out. In reality, however, already clear that it is cracking down on market transactions stunning realistically would not crack down on whether the whole game market, the government will consider the impact of legal and illegal between long concluded that the circumstances did not allow it in fact.
Bay realistic role as a substantive due recognition items received outstanding performances from the same industry are expected this' crisis' position as a significant part of its preparations. More than anything, the situation of 'reality' as distinct from the recognition that the space can believe trade is because a considerable part of the preparations.


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