Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trends in Korea-"IT-based future, a personal trust is important to the emotional value emerges"

The Ministry of Information, held sixth future strategy committee .

Ministry of Information and Communication in Seoul Lotte Hotel on the morning of October 16 Sixth future strategy committee to be held in the 'Mega Trends Research 2007' and 'ACE IT Strategy 2007' said.
Commission on future IT strategy based on the development strategy for the last year miraeguk June 1958 Advisory Agency, the Ministry of Information and Communication minister and chairman of troubled FTA domestic measures (former president of Korea University), co-chairman of the academic world, empower, contributors, including 16 journalism two members are participating in the program. The sixth conference of the future strategy of the above companies' 2007 mega-trends research 'underlying theme of the evolution of the Internet and new business open paradigm of the future society participation in a shared outlook for the future system building, it was chosen based on the 10 future issues of the study.
This research strategy in the future spread of broadband services, content place is the shape of the consumer, and there is a change in accordance with changes in points solutions are emerging as a new business model for digital convergence technology, bio points to the expansion of business opportunities, depending on the point that attention. .
The future strategy will also place the paradigm of openness and participation in everyday life, as well as the spread of government, journalism, the power to change culture on the Internet would be subject to suffer. It also changes the structure of employment through IT will suffer predicted.
The above strategy is the key to the future through a keyword future worth of personal injury sensibilities increasing importance of enhancing trust and bring In other words, the future, all of the knowledge society by participating in the production of expert opinion from the General personally vary, based on experience in the use of tender sensibilities are increasing knowledge, and take advantage of peer-to-peer market knowledge search of knowledge, people, a system for the trust it will be important.
The above strategy is the future 'mega-trends research', in addition to 'ACE IT Strategy 2007' with the discussions. 'ACE IT Strategy 2007' is a mega-trend, the Ministry of Information is based on research by the national IT challenges in order to establish a long-term strategy of technology infrastructure (Advanced IT), Economy and Industry (Convergent IT), 00 community ( Expanded IT), including three in the field of strategic objectives and details for the challenges it presented.
Yuyounghwan Minister at the Ministry of Information in the "social networking integrated sustainable levels of personnel to share and develop future initiatives or to go, and the role of miraejeonryakwi the cornerstone," he said. Co-chairman of the troubled "miraejeonryakwi to discuss details of a large consensus among widely advertised to the public needs to be formed," he added.
The Ministry of Information and Communication from the Commission discussed the 'mega-trends research' and 'ACE IT strategy' to the axis of two major IT-based national strategies, future plans will continue to evolve.


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