Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trends in Korea - "Switching to digital terrestrial social interest!"

The Korean Broadcasters Association, the national specialty regular terrestrial digital conversion legislation calling for a special law "When the transition to digital terrestrial broadcasting analog terrestrial environment has been constrained by the hierarchy for the moment but did not marginalized welfare viewers also can be easily implemented.
High-definition digital TV is actively being advertised as the world's best country to the level of HD content creation digital broadcasting transition is the fact that wind speeds are progressing. The hierarchy of alienation welfare viewers switched to digital even as soon as the National Assembly passed a special law should be. "
The morning of May 16, Seoul, Korea Broadcasting Association of Broadcasting Hall in a news conference at the open area 'of digital terrestrial television broadcasters and the transition to digital broadcasting on the activation of a special law' (the digital transition special law), the parliament must deal with claims.
The digital conversion of government legislation through a special law to the National Assembly over the past two days, but the current legislative process is not proceeding. Joint Commission and the Broadcasting Act to the Information and Communication Ministry's jurisdiction seonganhan respectively, Culture and Tourism Committee and the Standing Committee of Science and Technology Information and Communication Committee decided to different assignments to standing committees because they failed.
At the press conference, attended by MBC and KBS, SBS and EBS, including four terrestrial broadcasting associations affiliated to resign policy team and policy officials have special committee of digital terrestrial broadcasting for a transition government support or social interest, it is too pathetic said.
Broadcasting Association, "terrestrial digital conversion for all popular with the people who mean the shutdown of analog terrestrial TV Medium important issues, the overseas transition to the digital terrestrial television broadcasting policy as a top priority, and set up enforcement" and that "the other hand, Digital broadcasting was started six years our country has passed, but bangsongwina relations policy institutions, including the Ministry of Information website bulletin is not even a separate state, "he said.
Switched Digital Broadcasting Association * a special law and legislative departments will switch to digital terrestrial * KBC and the government departments and accurate guide for the digital transition * need for a cooperative and practical execution system needs to be added.
Broadcasting Association lesson planning, "other countries are ongoing transition to digital broadcasting analog to effectively shut down the government in order to proceed, broadcasters, the champion, distributors, manufacturers and officials of the receiving equipment installation gathered together in a separate room, organic cooperating in Iowa City, "" South Korea is also the end of the year, these international organizations run a separate corporate entity composed of a special committee for policy dimension in the market, "he explained.
Media-related civic groups have scheduled a special law digital conversion processing, emphasizing the country deteriorated. Technology in Korea Broadcasting Association and the Citizens Coalition for Media Reform, the nation's labor unions have 15 days to take a statement simultaneously digital transition to submit a special law to the National Assembly, immediately demanded.
The group, "the National Assembly into a special law in the digital transition or raise fees yicheopdoen TV all you need information, regardless of factional interests, and to handle the end of the year and does not significantly reduce the effectiveness of Industrial and profits," he said


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