Wednesday, October 17, 2007


There were good heated debates the whole semester more like left wing vs. the right wing; liberals on the right of the class and hardcore techy fanatics to the left.... damn I missed a few of these heated exchange of emotions cause I ended up trying to pull off few jackass stunts and cracked my leg. I don’t think the whole ball game ends here, there’s a bigger show to put on for the exam. I will be good and thank Kevin and Luke only if I get good marks. Or they probably might fail me for writing stuff like this. So I guess it’s not FAREWELL time yet.

I still have to thank Kevin and Luke for mashing up my brains and getting me into this blogging stuff. I thought facebook was more than enough for expressing my techy brain or on windows live spaces which I haven’t used for more than a year, hope bill gates has not deleted it yet. This whole new tecnhoculture paper gave me more deep insight on the scary road of technology, well I guess you could draw your own line of fate and be a luddite or a technophile or sail in the boat of techno-realist. I sure did figure out by the end that I am a cast away with technology having a love and hate relationship. I hope few of you have seen my video on the first ever blog post of mine where I was smashing my laptop with a golf club, you can call me an idiot but it sure did feel good when I did that, the video clip shown in the class from the movie office surely justifies the hatred with technology. I cannot live with out little gadgets like mobile phone or a computer, but it’s hard to think how my life will be without them as well. Can’t believe my life revolves around technology more than I know. So for all the luddites it’s a harsh truth to accept that you are at least a techno realist.

I am not going to give out any more philosophy on choices - what the hell you guys can decide!!!!. So yeah I am gonna buckle up and face the saga over the next one month trying to fight my evil brain which wants to drink more alcohol over the saint sane brain which encompasses the notion of me being a good guy and pass my papers and then get wasted when I fly down to Cuba and drink the real rum. Cheers ….


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