Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Real University Paper

As someone who's not technologically inclined, and who wants to work in the media after graduating, I have found this paper infinitely useful, and enjoyable - everything from Luke's lectures and a blog as part of the assessment.
Because of the the increasing amount of time that us students spend online, I would love to see more departments at the University enter into the 21st century and use blogs to assess students' work.
As for the classes, I have never taken a paper where the students were so vocal in their opinions. This was great to see. Although I definitely didn't agree with some of the views, (often those of some technophiles, because I feel technophiles - not necessarily the ones in this class, but in general - can sometimes lack perspective on certain issues, such as the vast number of people in this world who don't have access to basic life necessities such as water and food, let alone the Internet, video games etc,) it was great to see so much intelligent debate, because after all, isn't that what doing an Arts degree is all about!
Thanks to Luke and Kevin and all the students for the always-interesting class times. All the best to everyone for their exams.


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