Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Final blog..

Last blog... what to write about..

firstly i can't belive that its already the end of semester..and exam time! its just gone soo fast. first exam is for technoculture. to be honest, i didnt really like this whole blog, thats cause i'm forgetfull and kept forgetting to write on it! but everytime i do sign in a read through all the posts. it is quite a good and diffrent way to be assesed for a paper, and finding out intresting stuff.

hmm so.. technoculture .. "A characterisation of contemporary cultures in which technology (especially but not only information and communication technology) has so deeply saturated into cultural practices that the two preciously distinct spheres (of technology and culture) are seen to be inseperarable". This is a definition of technoculture that I found while doing my assignment. it can clearly be seen that the 2 culture and technology are inseperarble. and that technology is diffently become a big part of culture, hey we even get assesed through a class blog these days!

i'm not really big on new technology. i was shopping for a birthday present the other day when i cam across a digital photo can store all your photos on it and it'll sit there and flick through them all, rather then just having one photo in a fram you can have heaps! This was new to me as i had never seen one before..even though they've been out for quite some time.. i never new! Somthing as simple as a photo frame can be turned into somthing technological. Can definatly see how technology has saturatud our culture.. and after this course i can see the relevance of the term technoculture! and see the whole lot of new media coming through..

i remember talking about the iphone and the begginging of the semester.. i think it was in the very first class? Anyway, since then which was not that long ago.. i've seen 2 new phones similar to the iphone. guess the whole touch screen thing will be the new thing for cell phones.. one was a prada one, and a LG one i think.. pretty cool though.

anyways, i better find all my olther blog entries and go hand them in! goodluck for exams!



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