Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sony Ericsson, a 10% reduction in third-quarter profit

Emerging offensive spur the mobile phone market, Sony Ericsson has had disappointing third-quarter report to the governing.
Sony Ericsson's third-quarter net profit of 200 million euros 6 million in 1700 to 2 billion the same period last year 9 million euros in 1800 compared to a 10% reduction in The Wall Street Journal on April 11 (local time). In contrast, during the same period last year was 29 billion 10 million euro 31 billion in sales by 6.7% to 10 million euros.
The third-quarter profit 10% from last year, it is selling mobile phones, Sony Ericsson said the price had fallen to another.
During the same period last year was 147 euros Sony Ericsson mobile phone handsets in the third quarter of the average selling price has dropped to 120 euros. The Sony Ericsson income countries, such as India and Latin 16.08 Kawabata is influential due to its focus on them.
Sony Ericsson's handset shipments in the third quarter of last year increased by 31% to 2 million units in 1590 Aggregate said. Accordingly, Sony Ericsson's mobile phone market share of 9% as compared to the same period last year, an increase of 1 percentage point.


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