Wednesday, October 17, 2007

E Waste

E waste equals electronic waste. E waste is a big probelm. When we throw out our old mobiles, computers and pretty much any thing with a circut board we release toxins and carcinogens into the enviroment. Attempts to solve e waste are pathetic and dont deal with the real probelm. Sure you can have your old pc properly dissmantled and recycled but such an action does not deal with the root of the probelm. the root of the probelm is we live in obsessively consumer orientated society where the electronic products we buy are out dated in a years, 6 months or even a months time. Many electronic products have planned obsolescence dates. This means that a company plans for it's product to be obsolete at certain date and for a new product to replace it. Companies who do this show a complete disregard for the enviroment. I was thinking about this whole situation and came up with this thought; companies sell us electronic gadgets with the intention of them being expenses and not assests. If a computer or a cellphone was an assest it would be far cheaper for them to be upgraded when they are out dated. They are not, so called state of the art technologies are sold to us as consumables which are just as disposible as toliet paper. Parts in pcs and cell phones are very dangerous or even fatal when disposed of improperly. I think its criminal for companies to actively plan for us to throw out are cellphones and pcs when they know how dangerous it could be. Action needs to be taken either by us the consumers or the governments all around the world not in just the end of the products cycle but at the beginning. Companies should have to ensure us of how long a product will be in date. Electronic products should be built to last and be able to be upgraded.


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Good post. Check out the latest issue of Vice magazine where one of their reporters does a story on the secret south Chinese town of Guiyu (and nearly gets locked up for it) which is home to a huge e waste landfill. Check out my previous post entitled Moral Panic which also mentions this.

October 18, 2007 at 2:43 PM  

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