Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trends in Korea-NeoWize Games released New' FIFA Online 2 'VIP

Neowize Games,released new soccer game 'FIFA Online 2'
'FIFA Online 2' is claiming that EA Games developed with 'FIFA Online' FIFA 07 has been applied physics engine and the latest roster.
Users are more realistic graphics and real-world experience to be able to play football like a natural.
In addition, new players and the endless ways to bring growth and the introduction of the system, online games can only feel your own dream team for the fun of decorating and athletes foster further enhanced the company said.
In addition, the renewal negotiations, bingo cards, including cards richness of a uniform system to collect the fun of introducing the card players to strengthen his condition was added to the same concept of the game also pits unexpected variables can occur.
In particular, the ability to assess decorating with others players can make their own distinguishing features will be added.


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