Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tin toy

I just can’t tell how much I like about this short animated film. I even feel its better than the Toy story.
Babies are hardly monster-like unless you are a toy. Tin Toy worked the first time a character with life- like bendable arms are knees, surfaces and facial components was animated digitally. In order to animate the baby, Pixar had to create software which could handle complex facial animation. They created a muscle model to work on a set of 3D points which represented the baby’s three types of muscles: linear, sphincter, rotational. The articulated, hierarchical skeleton of the baby was made out of simple cylinders. The animation technology used on the tin musical toy was much easier. Like many of the famous Pixar films, it focused on creating good eye motion, good mouth motion etc. Because in reality, tin toy made from plastic, so Pixar used this point, combination with simple facial animation, created an incredibly stark sphere as tin toy in the film. Somehow it gives more believable effect than the baby. Even the baby still looks unreal with the unfit diaper on, Pixar worked very hard to balance its cartoon look with a real human face. It was rewarded as the best animated film in 1989 Oscar.

Another recommend short pixar cartoon film is the lamp one. Luxo.Jr


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